Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting fit!

My biggest goal for this year is to be as fit as possible !
I am in pretty good shape and I know I look good but I have some areas that need some work.
Mostly my Tummy.

So what am I doing to get in the shape I want to?
Well I try and run every day but Sunday.

I am also doing yoga and some Jillian Michel's work outs.
I feel good and I cant wait to see my body change.


  1. Yoga and running are very good cardio workouts. If you want to focus more on your tummy, I suggest doing crunches. For the first week, try doing abs crunches with 15 counts once. The next week, try 20 counts twice. As the week goes on, try doing 20 crunches with increasing the repetitions. Also, change the type of crunches every now and then to make it more effective.*Brandon Pepper*

  2. You have my support, Jenn! Diving into a fitness plan is fabulous! You just showed that age never hinders anything unless you allow it. On another note, doing crunches, courtesy of Brandon, is a good tummy-toning exercise. But since you’re doing yoga, I feel it’s much better to focus on poses that target the abs. The camel pose can be a good kick start! :*